Tao Peter Wang

Middlebury College '18

Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Eng '19

Current Works

Outside of classes, I'm working on a research project and other things outside like apps, toolkits and whatnot:

Auracle: A little bit of eating detection with ML in Python
Georeminder: This should've been finished long ago
Terrigenesis: Secure end to end file server in Go

Research Image

Mobile Apps
TPW Studio
Android & WP

I am an independent developer on Android and Windows Mobile platform and am crazy about open source libraries and frameworks. Check out my apps right now!

App Screenshot

Gadgets & Toolkit

I sometimes write various types of tools to simplify the lives of myself and other people.

Course Registration, Wikipedia Crawler, a new sorting algorithm and so on...

Course Registration Client Screenshot

Class Projects

In the Network classes, we implemented many types of protocols, and in Computer Vision, we built a pinhole camera and implemented different types of edge detections. And many other things~

Computer Vision Project Screenshot